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About Varied / Professional Official Beta Tester GiovannaFemale/Italy Groups :iconbluecafe-circle: BlueCafe-circle
manga and a lot of passion
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Under The Same Sky - Qsan

Kiss Under The Rain Doujinshi [ Remake ] - Bluecafè

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2008-2016 - All works © by me /Qsan
Qsan90 / Giovanna L.

Please DO NOT USE my original works without permission.
Feel free to share my fanarts, but CREDIT ME!. Thank you!

Pixel Icon ID © by kkkk-sama
Graphic Design © Qsan90 Cup-pixels © yuuka-pixie
Alisha and Ryuji ( 1st box ) © Qsan90
Zero & Mia( 2st and Credit box ) © Qsan90 & BluAjisai / BlueCafe-circle

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Dear Friends:

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Fav Artists on DA:

:iconneko-rina: :iconinma: :iconrumi-kuu: :iconshilin: :iconyuuka-pixie:
:iconyamio: :iconkandasama: :iconcherriuki: :iconu35:

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For me:
- Summer Melody - by Rumi-Kuu
Beautiful drawing by Rumi-Kuu :love:



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Dear fans, I'm sorry if I'm late with commissions. I'm not dead ç^ç.  As I've wrote in the last journal in this period i'll do some university exams. It's officialy! i'll finish the 15th of february so after this i'll come back full of activity. Thanks for the patience.  
Commission update: Waiting list [FULL]
The latest slots are taken! I'll do my best. *//*)9  
I'll re-open the wating list on January/ February 2016.
Thank you very much for your support.

ღ Welcome

Real Name: Giovanna - Art Name: Qsan
Freelance Artist Japanese Style From Italy.
ArtBlog: Facebook || Workplace: Deviantart

Orignal Characters || Commissions || Daily Sketches

EXs and Heart Divider by Dri-Bee

Pixiv: || Instagram: @qsanworks
Facebook: Stars and Coffee-QsanArt || Twitter: Qsan/Qさん

:iconbluecafe-circle: Stamp Koala Attack by BluAjisai

EXs and Heart Divider by Dri-Bee

Main Tools:
Huion GT190 Pentablet || Wacom Intuos Pen Medium
Paint Tool SAI || Manga Studio EX5

Secondary Tools:
Adobe Photoshop CS6 || Adobe InDesign CS6
Adobe After Effect CS6 ||MediaBang Paint

EXs and Heart Divider by Dri-Bee

My Genre is:
..purely shoujo. I really like love stories with a bit of fantasy and adventures. In particular I like to investigate the human psychology and feelings in every doubts and questions. Because everyone is perfect in their imperfection. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) *Shoujo Addicted

Sometimes i read Shonen-ai but rarely these stories involve me.
I don't read Shoujo-ai.

My Favourite Artists Ever:
Yuu Watase, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Yun Kouga, Clamp ( old style ), Masashi Kishimoto, Emi-10Rankai, Suu Morishita and U35.

Favourite Fandom Characters:
Kushina Uzumaki ; Minato Namikaze ; Hinata Hyuga ; Kakashi Hatake;
Sarada Uchiha ; Chibiusa ; Misato Katsuragi ; Edward Elric; Roy Mustang; Asami Ryūichi; Riko Aida.

Favourite Fandom Couples:
Minato x Kushina ; Naruto x Hinata; Sasuke x Sakura; Naruto x Sasuke;
Aomine x Satsuki. Riko x Satsuki (Kuroko no Basket Gender Bender)

EXs and Heart Divider by Dri-Bee

Working On:

Commissions: Ongoing Term #3 .

Personal Projects:

Under the Same Sky 2008 (On going)
Minakushi-Rainy Days 2012 (On going)

Collab Projects:

Give me love Blue Cafè Project - 2013 (On going)
Kiss Under the Rain Blue Cafè Project - 2013 (On going)
Naruhina Dj Happiness Collab with MissDidichan 2010 (On going)

EXs and Heart Divider by Dri-Bee

Comm-Status: Waiting List [FULL]


2015 - COMMISSION INFO [ Waiting list FULL]I DRAW
Your original characters
(from your stories, adoptable or game online)
Character Sheet
Robot/Mecha/Anthro/Kenomomi/ Fantasy Creature
Fanart in my style
Shounen-ai/ Shoujo-Ai ( No Hard Yaoi/Yuri but yes smut and mature content)
Background Perspective and Scenary.
Cover for your story and black and white illustrations ( as novel)
A3 format paper 300gr
Tools: Trattopens, Watercolors, Pencil and Copic ,
- Digital Watercolors
- Normal coloration
Paypal Only
 The prices are in euro.

:bulletgreen:To commission me you have to send me a note with all the info about your request and if is possible, with all the references! Tell me what kind of drawing you want, with how many characters and what kind of background, the type of coloration (Traditional or Digital painting)  and all the rest. Please use the Form below.
I'll send you a sketch so you can see how the drawing is coming out and if y
Commission Update #5Hello fans! Just a quick update! 

The waiting list is [ FULL]

The latest slots are taken! I'll do my best. *//*)9!  
Thank you very much for your continuos support. 
I'll re-open the wating list on January/ February 2016. ( after the university exams =//= )9 ) 
Here in this journal i'll report all commissions i've done ( and i'm still doing) this year, so people who might be interested in commissioning me can see my style.
Arigatou Gozaimasu! ♥(✿ฺ´///`✿ฺ)! 
Info and Waiting list

[ The journal will be constantly updated. ]
[S k e t c h C o m m i s s i o n ]
Term #1 Completed.
[SC 10] Dance of Goddess by Qsan90

Read Journal First !!
For any Info feel free to ask! (●*v*●)
Bullet Yellow :bulletyellow: Working on.

Tiny Note Icon by neripixu Tiny Comment Icon by neripixu
Commission #146 by yuuka-pixie

[ N O R M A L C O M M I S S I O N ]

#1 EmadGfx *COMPLETED* Link
#2 rivvenx 2/2 *COMPLETED* Link & Link
#3 Catgirldstr11 *COMPLETED* Link
#4 Unidad26 *WORKING ON* :bulletyellow: *NEXT
#5 Sugar-SugarJun*NO CONFIRMED
#6 Nialo87 *WAITING DETAILS*:bulletyellow: *NEXT
#7 cherry808 0/4 + Manga pages. *CONFIRMED - WAITING DETAILS*
#8 MahinaChaya *COMPLETED* Link
#9 Rakaia24 *COMPLETED* Waiting payment. :bulletyellow:
#10 Suiee *COMPLETED* Link

[ C O M M E R C I A L C O M M I S S I O N ]

#1 Vudio SRL 4/4 *COMPLETED*
[ Private Commission ]
#2 Vudio SRL 6/6 *COMPLETED*
[ Private Commission ]

[ DONE ]

[ A R T T R A D E ]
Only Friends / 3 Limited slot

#01 Neko-Rina * COMPLETED*
My part Link - Her part Link
#02 Rumi-Kuu WORKING ON :bulletyellow: *NEXT
My Part: Coloring - Her part Link
#03 Maroro *Not Started Yet

[ A R T B O O K ]

#Rising Dreams Artbook 3/3 *COMPLETED*

[ DONE ]

[ S K E T C H C O M M I S S I O N ]
Term #1

#1 Catgirldstr11 * COMPLETED* Link
#2 Myttie-Troll *COMPLETED* Link
#3 ryssa-takesaki *COMPLETED* Link
#4 BloodofCerberus*COMPLETED* Link
#5 Orangenbluete*COMPLETED* Link
#6 Orangenbluete*COMPLETED*Link
#7 nikky93 2/2 *COMPLETED* Link & Link
#8 Momo-ji *COMPLETED*Link
#9 tsuki-chu *COMPLETED*Link
#10 Inconcabille * COMPLETED* Link


Term #2
#1 Tsuranami *COMPLETED* Link
#2 milkteahour *COMPLETED* Link
#3 missysam *COMPLETED* Link
#4 azulann *COMPLETED * Link
#5 kaisaru *COMPLETED* Link
#6 BloodofCerberus *COMPLETED* Link
#7 PenumbraChey *COMPLETED* Link - Link
#8 Orangenbluete * COMPLETED * Link
#9 nikky93 2/2 *COMPLETED* Link - Link
#10 Yuminari 2/2 *COMPLETED* Link - Link


Term #3
#01 Lawman09 *COMPLETED* Link
#02 nikky93 3/3 COMPLETED* Link - Link - Link
#03 JuPMod 2/2 COMPLETED* Link - Link
#04 BloodofCerberus COMPLETED* Link
#05 Starimo COMPLETED* :bulletyellow: Link
#06 Catgirldstr11 COMPLETED* Link
#07 Yuudofu CONFIRMED* Waiting Details :bulletyellow:
#08 azulann CONFIRMED * Waiting Payment* :bulletyellow: *NEXT
#09 SeelenKaetzchen CONFIRMED* Waiting details :bulletyellow:
#10 Orangenbluete COLORING* :bulletyellow: *NEXT


Term #4
#01 milkteahour *Not Started Yet*
#02 Strawberrygel*Not Started Yet
#03 Yuminari *Not started yet*
#04 :devcatgirlstr11: *Not started yet*
#05 :devhardyditonya: *Not started yet*
#06 trevorv87 *Not started yet*
#07 azulann *Not started yet*
#08 Orangenbluete *Not started yet*
#09 Liamera *Not started yet*
#10 Deidarakitty *Not started yet*



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Arigatou :heart:
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